Get support to be your best self in business.


The Thirty Plus Business community is all about championing YOU to grow and develop.
It’s a place to come and ask questions, to learn and collaborate.

Our same ethos of kindness and caring exists in every one of our groups, and the business group is no different.

I reckon there’s room for EVERYONE at the table and that we should cheer each other on.

If you are struggling to grow, or at the top of your game, we’re here to support you.

We also run something called the MLM Academy.
Because I run a regular business plus a network marketing business I know these two things can often need a different approach. For that reason, if you have a network marketing business I believe you can do that model of business well, but it’s not going to be with generic and misleading posts which so often get shut down in most business groups.

We are careful about what we allow in the Thirty Plus Business group and if you want to learn how you can leverage social media to grow your MLM, join the MLM Academy and get specific training and support.

As for the general business group, there are some exciting opportunities coming up where you can get access to promote your business in the wider Thirty Plus community which is full of women who are potentially your target market. Join the facebook group to keep up with those developments.

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