You deserve to look fabulous!


Somewhere between the ages of 30-35 I noticed two things.

My skin was different to how it used to be and, I didn’t want to wear the kind of makeup that the young 20 year old youtube artists were teaching people.

So I figured that if I didn’t want to, then there we're probably a BUNCH of other women in my age group who didn’t either?

But just because I didn’t want 20 year old looking makeup it didn’t mean that I didn’t want to look my best.

Now, Im no beauty queen but I DO know how to teach kick-butt makeup for OUR age group.
And my tutorials are down-to-earth enough that you can replicate the looks on YOURSELF.

I also understand that not everyone likes or wants to wear makeup... but you're kidding yourself if you think you can get away without skincare.
So, I also show you which products are the best for the condition of your skin.

Come and check out our online community, where you can learn about skincare and makeup in a non-intimidating environment and where you can learn to look your very best - no matter WHAT your age.


Need help?

I recommend a lot of Nutrimetics products because after searching high and low, I genuinely believe in how great they are for our age group.
Click here to go directly to the site where you can order using my link.

Or, if you’re stuck, email: and I’ll help you work out what you need for YOUR skin.

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