Real talk on health, weight loss and loving your 30+ body

What we need to talk about as Thirty Plus woman sure has changed from when we were younger right?!

Our health and weight-loss group is a place where you are safe to ask questions and share about your own journey. Whether that’s prolapses or wonky hormones, saggy bits or tight bits, it’s all welcome.
There is no judgement, just oodles of amazing support for you on your path.

Of course you likely want to look and feel great but that body ideal is not decided by some fitness guru or magazine. We are here to support you to be beautifully, magnificently YOU. 

We’ll show you how achievable it is to be happy in your own skin and we’ll support you with loads of practical tips, tricks and accountability so you can live in good health, fit and free. The app is coming out soon and is designed specifically for 30+ women with realistic, practical and fun ways to get your health and weightloss goals sorted!

You’ll find the group right here